Thursday, February 15, 2007

Monsters of the Middle East

Sometimes you find images that just illustrate your concept better than you could with a drawing- so why not a collage? Juxtapositioning is as meaningful as drawing, and faster.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

True colors?

Some of my Republican friends like to give me a hard time because they think I never draw cartoons that pick on Democrats. Well, here ya are. But now to make up for it, I wrote a firey anti-Bush column that week.

Joe's gaff was an editorial cartoonist's DREAM. It was TOO easy to nail him, regardless of party.

In the interest of self-disclosure; I really like Biden. I don't think he could get elected even if he hadn't put his foot in his mouth this way. As much as I like him, I liked Obama more- even before this incident. Biden is smart as a whip and has tons of experience. President Obama would be smart to bring him on board as a foreign policy adviser. That would give weight to all his talk about healing and "one America" too.