Wednesday, September 4, 1991

Esoteric theology

So I was re-reading some of "Short Meditations on the Bible and Peanuts" c. 1990 by Robert Short (author of "The Gospel According to Peanuts" 1965 and "Parables of Peanuts"1968), and it once again highlighted for me how much I prefer Kierkegaard to Hegel both philosophically and theologically and that prompted me to remember this cartoon I did for my college newspaper. A Lutheran college. I dawned on me that Bill Waterson probably named his strip after Protestant John Calvin ("liberal" theology compared to Martin Luther's) and Philosopher Thomas Hobbes (sort of the opposite of John Locke) who believed that human nature is brutish, selfish and immature. Anyway, even at Concordia University, Nebraska- where they prepare more professional church workers and pre-seminary candidates than any other Missouri-Synod college, this cartoon was still hopelessly obscure and esoteric. No wonder one syndicate told me that people should be able to "get" a cartoon faster without having to read or think as much as they have to with my "Mal•Adjusted" panel.

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