Thursday, January 10, 2008

Still running

So here it was, January 3- Caucus Day, but EVERY Thursday is deadline day so I HAD to email SOMETHING in. Who knows at 2:30 in the afternoon what will be decided at 9 at night? I have a feeling that Edwards and McCain will surprise everyone, but I threw Obama in front just because he tall. Notice Mike Bloomberg lurking over his shoulder!

(Well, whddyaknow? I got lucky when I put Obama front and center! Lucky pick)

This was a lot of work, drawing all these caricatures. I think that I did the worst job on Mitt Romney because he's so dang bland. Here is a legend to help you tell who's who, in case you're not a political junkie like me, or in case my caricatures are so bad that you can't recognize them.

2008 presidential candidates;
  1. Sen. Hillary Clinton (NY, Democrat)
  2. Sen. John McCain (AZ, Republican)
  3. Former Sen. John Edwards (SC, D)
  4. Sen. Barack Obama (Il, D)
  5. Mayor Michael Bloomberg (NY, Independent)
  6. Gov. Mike Huckabee (AR, R)
  7. Former Gov. Mitt Romney (MA, R)


  1. Wow man, you are AWESOME! How come no syndicates or major newspapers have come scooped you up yet?

  2. Thanks Ted, but I hate to say this but, you really are pathetic to leave comments on your own blog like that. You really ought to be ashamed. Just because no one else ever leaves any comments- come on, get a life!