Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cartoon for the July 3 PRESS

Summer with 3 kids is a lot crazier than you'd ever imagine. I swear I'll try to draw some more maladjusted cartoons soon. I don't think "successful" freelancers have lives. I don't know how they do it. If you are fortunate to cartoon for a living, you can escape everyone and everything and just take care of it. Sure, I'm a teacher on summer vacation, but there was the workshop to get re-certified to teach web design, and the truckloads of yearbook proofs and the school website, and the cheer camp... not to mention all my own family's activities. This is a great hobby, but if I'm really going to make a go at making it more than a hobby, I guess I'm going to have to be more disciplined and either stay up later or get up earlier.


  1. All I can say is nothing because your blog is not interesting to read.

  2. Dear Ted,
    I was very disappointed in your so-called cartoon bashing Dr. James Dobson. We need to be discerning about the things we embrace and also careful about what we bash.
    Alice Masters

  3. And Dr. Dobson has embraced political power. The current clash isn't between absolute truth and relativism. I see it as between legalism and grace, at worst it's between Calvinism and Liberation Theology, neither of which is as Christo-centric as they should be. Since we've all sinned and fall short (Rom 3:23) we all have logs in our own eyes (Matt 7:2-4) so none of us should judge. Let's face it, if Jesus were here today, he'd probably be cavorting with freaks and sinners (Mark 2:14-17), granted that's not to say that he'd condone any of their sin, but I for one think that His grace, love and forgiveness are messier than the movement started by Jerry Fawell's Moral Majority in the 1970's would've approved of.

    Obama's faith talk focuses on helping the community (Matthew 25:39-46), whereas the conventional Republican faith talk of the last 28 years ago have been much more focused on how America is going to Hell in a hand-basket (Romans 1:18-32). Maybe the religious right is more right and Christians of a more progressive political bent like me are wrong, but I prefer to think that Christianity should be pro-active rather than reactive and motivated by love- even of sinners- than by fear, even of sin being somehow contagious or of people mistakenly seeing our love of sinners as the same as condoning their sin (1 John 4:18).

    Sorry to disappoint you and I hope we can agree to disagree. An editorial cartoonist's role is to throw rotten tomatoes at people we perceive as hypocrites. Sometimes we have to just hope that doing so doesn't get us burned as heretics.

    Thank you SO much for reading, and commenting.