Monday, July 4, 1988


The summer after graduation, before college, I was a short order cook at a 50's night club run by the mob. Okay, I sucked at being a short order cook, so I begged them to make me a prep-cook rather than just a dishwasher and I don't know for sure that it was owned by the mob, but everybody said so. Our boss did kind of remind me of Tony Soprano. Anyway, he asked me to illustrate some fliers for them and this was one of the pictures I drew for him. Bad business model; just volunteer to do something without negotiating compensation ahead of time. Another bad business model; don't do stuff for mobsters. Anyway, it was cool to see this on pink table "tents," but it was a lot of work for just a summer job.

Here's how much better it could've been if I had had Photoshop back then-

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