Saturday, February 25, 1989

Wolfe Tone

When I was a freshman in college I wanted to be more "edgy." I felt like my style in high school was too clean and Mort Walker-ish (Beetle Baily) so I came up with a coyote who wore a leather jacket and camouflage fatigues and listened to the Ramones. This was my "underground" cartoonist period.

But ever the pseudo-intellectual, I named him after an obscure eighteenth century Irish political philosopher, Theobald Wolfe Tone. I was also really into my Irish heritage at that time- U2, especially. This was a bad choice because right away people thought he was a wolf, not a coyote and they thought he was named after 80's rapper Tone Loc. Since I was drawing editorial cartoons rather than a strip with story lines and character development, he really wound up just being a distraction.

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