Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tens of Thousands of kids will lose insurance coverage. What a Christmas present

Now the bummer here is nobody is paying attention to this issue, so not only is it not in the papers or on TV but it sure's heck won't be when it runs next week (I drew it 12/13). I don't know... There are lots of CIA torture tape cartoons out there this week. Who knows, maybe we'll start bombing Iran by then...

Merry Christmas cartoon fans! ¡Ventiladores de la historieta de la Feliz Navidad! Karikaturventilatoren der frohen Weihnachten! 圣诞快乐动画片风扇! メリークリスマスの漫画は送風する! 즐거운 성탄 만화는 부채로 부친다! Вентиляторы шаржа веселого рождества!

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  1. This one hits home! Isn't it the truth. Bi-partisan surprisingly(not) means nothing to this president. I love the Grinch theme. Keep up the good work.