Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rep. Steve King (R) of Iowa's 5th District strike's again!

Last night on the local news, my idiot Congressman ACTUALLY said pretty much just what I wrote above about Barack Obama. I was so incensed that I HAD to draw this cartoon. Of course, due to plumbing disasters, we're temporally living with my in-laws while our home undergoes repairs, so I am without PhotoShop till I go back to school on Monday, so I'm posting it pretty raw. If I use it for the PRESS for March 20, I'll obviously rework it some- but then the incident will also be 2 weeks old, so who knows if I will or not.

Read more about this dweeb at


  1. I like your cartoon of King. He's a really nice guy but CRAZY.

  2. Ted,

    King is scary -- really scary -- but messages like this are working. The woman who cuts my hair, a reasonably informed individual, asked me about Hillary and Obama, and responded to my support for Obama noting that she would like to support him, but doesn't fee she could vote for a Muslim.

    On a different note, I'm waiting for your cartoons addressing this Flordia and Michigan fiasco. I'm envisioning someone in Cuba boasting about how fair their elections are compared to those in Florida, some key Democrat in 2000 vowing that election problems like those experienced in Bush v. Gore will never happen again in the state of Florida.

    Quite frankly, this one amazes me and there is no good answer to this problem. Can we count the current votes when Obama wasn't on one of the tickets and those two states had record low turnouts while the rest of the nation has had record high turnouts? No -- it wouldn't be fair. Do we not count votes because those states broke rules the make little sense? No -- it wouldn't be fair. Do we do new elections? If so, it will not be fair to whoever has to pay for them, and it isn't exactly fair for them to decide during the process when to hold the elections that will count. It's sad when the Dems make FOX News look fair and balanced. Oh, and you know that Republicans this fall will ask voters to consider whether they should entrust leadership in our nation to a party that lacked the judgment and foresight to design a fair system to select its presidential nominee. And I haven't even mentioned the possible mess of superdelegates -- the good old boys club of the left. In a year when it had appeared the Dems should have had the White House locked up, they're trying hard to give it to the GOP.


  3. Yes we do, and Rob Hubler is the only viable choice we have this year. We've got to back him to the hilt.


    Politics is like driving. To go backward, put it in R. To go forward, put it in D.