Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cartoon for the July 31, 08 PRESS

Elvis is IN the building, no wait, today he's still in Germany. Will it be another JFK? Or would that be counter productive? Is it too soon to come off too presidential?

Has anyone told McCain that there is no Chezkslovakia anymore, that Iraq and Afghanistan don't share a border, that Iran was training Hamas members, not Al Queda members, or how to use the internet? Is he senile or just dumb? And if Obam had made the same mistakes- especially in say a 2 week period, wouldn't the media have eaten him alive? And here's another thing- (and please forgive me for using these ugly words, it's just to make a point) if it's wrong for Jesse Jackson to use the word "nigger," why is it okay for McCain to use the word "Gook?" Isn't it insanely racist against Asians?

There was a time when I had patience for, even a level of comfort with McCain, but I just can't seem to take him seriously anymore.

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