Thursday, September 4, 2008


I know, I'm just a sexist pig. That's exactly the strategy that the GOP had in mind- should Liberals attack their VeeP candidate and they'll get to cry "sexist" and make us liberals look like a bunch of hypocrites. Listen, I think I'm letting her off easy with next week's cartoon- as if she's the victim, when it's more likely that she'll be the attack dog. But don't get me started on what I REALLY think of her.

Yes, this woman has provoked my ire so much, I even started an anti-Palin Facebook Group! Come join-

No new rejection notices yet- maybe no news is good news. I feel really bad about not drawing all matter of Maladjusted cartoons (or any non-political cartoons for that matter) but school has just been crazy. Coaching is turning out to be a bugger too lately. Hopefully I'll muster either some self-discipline or better yet, some sense of humor next week. Whine whine, moan moan, gripe, complain.

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