Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Writer's block

Here's a bad business model; offer to draw things free for a student who works somewhere so that the place can use it for say, tee shirts, sweatshirts and water jug labels, then don't even ask for a sweatshirt in lieu of compensation. I like Moose's Fillin' Station, I enjoyed drawing this moose for them back in 2001, but I'm bummin that I don't have a moose shirt. Lesson learned.

Maybe it's not writer's block, maybe cartoonists get "Cartoonist's Block?" Whatever it is, I don't want to do another fat Freddie and Fanny falling on the tax payers cartoon like everybody seems to be drawing right now and frankly Sarah Palin makes me so mad I can't seem to think of any way to lampoon her. What's worse, I'm afraid that whatever I drew would only embolden her supporters all the more rather than persuade anyone into opposing her. Blech.

If anything I'm a little too wrapped up in this election (which has given me a great idea for a column- but not for any cartoons). I wish I could lighten up and see the humor in life instead of just being so anxious and indignant about effective Republican election strategies. Maybe it's time for more psychologist cartoons so that I can get unstuck from my imagined neurosis.

Meanwhile, still no new rejection notices, in spite of all the self-addressed, stamped envelopes I included. Maybe this is a good sign, maybe some editor somewhere is seriously considering me. Or maybe it's a bad sign, maybe all the syndicates are SO inundated with submissions that they can't ever get through them all.

On another front, I received an email from a writer down in the Florida Keys who fancies herself something of a female Hunter S. Thompson and said that she's looking for a Ralph Steadman. Once I read some of her stuff I'll see what I can come up with. Anything for a fellow Jimmy Buffet fan. But this time, I'm gonna ask for a tee shirt up front!

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