Sunday, January 18, 2009

A public service announcement

My 9 year old did this. She says it's supposed to be happy and positive, but I just can't help seeing an over developed sense of sarcasm and irony here. It sort of reminds me of that Eagle's song, "Get over it." Anyway, before I started worrying about her mental health, I thought it was hilarious (and pretty) so I thought I should post it here- especially since I'd posted a cartoon by her younger sister already.

Now, back to the soul-deadening work of quantifying assessments that align with state "essential elements," standards and benchmarks. Some days teaching is inspirational and meaningful like Robin William's "Dead Poet's Society" or Whoopie Goldberg's "Sister Act," but some days it's more like being trapped in a Dilbert strip.


  1. This is so incredible! If I had any money, I would seriously buy a print, frame it, and mount it in my cubicle.

    It says so much to me! It is happy! It is like hearing my Dad tell me to "git up and git goin'!" when I was a lazy teen.

    "Life, get used to it."

    Great advice. This is why we are told to be like children.

  2. Hope Grace doesn't mind too much. I took the liberty of making her picture my desktop wallpaper.

    Here is a quick snapshot. :)