Thursday, February 21, 2008

Someday she hopes to be a REAL cabinet-level official

Political Cartoon for the Feb. 21 Mapleton PRESS

Man, I haven't drawn her since August 2006, you can't believe how differently I did it too. I don't know, I think I liked the old style better. She still looks mean. Sort of a Black Cruella De Ville. Guess if I were going to do it over again, I would've made Wexler Jiminy Cricket instead of having both Jiminy and Wexler both.

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  1. One reader wrote me to complain that I'd misspelled "impune." For the record- I looked it up in Merriam-Webster and they had entries for BOTH "impune," AND "impugn." I had seen "impune" in news article about Sec. Rice's reaction to Congressman Wexler.

    Ironically, I don't think the reader was a Rice supporter, because they also laid into me for criticizing Hillary Clinton in my column that week.

    Some people would complain if their ice cream were cold.