Wednesday, April 29, 2009

National Cartoonist Day; May 5

Remember, May 5 is National Cartoonist Day.

Tell ya what, instead of cards or gifts, just do me a huge HUGE favor and invite people to and/or to my mal•toons Facebook group. Encourage them to leave comments and to share it with others.

Okay, okay, TWO huge favors- why not download you favorite of my cartoons and attach it in an email and send it to somebody.

Do those two things between now and May 5 and the cartoon fairy will visit you with good luck. Okay, not really, but if you go to a comic book store,(on May 5) they'll probably give you at no charge to you, a free comic book.

Of course, if you write your local newspaper and tell them that both comics and editorial cartoons are important to you as a subscriber, then the cartoon fairy really will visit you with prosperity and good luck.

Okay, I'm kidding about the prosperity thing, there's only so much that these holiday fairies can do. What do you think they are anyway, magic?

How about this? April 30 is "Poem in your pocket day," why not cut out your favorite cartoon (mine or anybody else's ) and carry it around in your pocket for good luck on May 5?

Okay, I can't promise you good luck, talk to God about that one. But do me a favor, tell somebody about how May 5 is National Cartoonist's Day, will ya? Even most professional cartoonists have pretty much given up on it and I'm really trying to bring it back. Okay?


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