Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The return of Mayor Gonz

Mayor Gonzo's publicist insisted that her trademark stogie and hat be present in every representation of her. So... above is the updated version of this cartoon, but below is the original.
Here's a cartoon that commemorates that fateful day when former tabloid journalist and current honorable Mayor of Key West, Florida, Sammie "Gonzo" Mays actually broke INTO prison to get a picture of defamed Cincinnati Red. To learn more about Gonzo Girl, visit her website in the Conch Republic- http://saminthekeys.com

Whew! 3 in one day. I'm feeling really prolific. Actually I drew the Mal•Adjusted last night at my daughter's piano lesson. Not likely that I'll draw this many cartoons all in one day for a long time. All three of my morning classes are mid-project, had several kids absent and didn't need much help. But this was fun. If someone paid me $40K a year or more for it, I could get used to drawing funny pictures all day, and not just for an hour and a half in 15 minute spurts, in between helping kids, during morning.

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