Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whole lotta forehead

Haven't really cartooned for a while. Life and work get busy. But I'm making a concerted effort, so there will be some new 'Mal•Adjusted' panels posted here this week. Meanwhile, here's just a random page from my sketch pad. One benefit of being an Art teacher is that while the 7th graders are glazing their ceramic coil pots, I can draw. One drawback to being an Art teacher is that then as soon as any of them are done they gather around like seagulls at a beach picnic and watch what you're doing and ask "how are you doing that" with amazement, and ask if they can keep a copy and will you draw Nick Jonas for them so they can hang it in their locker and will you teach us do that? Etc. etc. etc.

As usual, this was just a random picture from some farming magazine. Although it did end up looking a little like one of my college professors, but he was a professor that I really liked, so I'd hate to make fun of him. The lines are a little shaky. I think my blood sugar must be taking a dive. Time for lunch. I hate diabetes.

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