Monday, July 6, 2009

Lame duck or dead fish?

Come on all you Caribou Barbie fans, let me have it. I know that nothing provokes your ire more than my poking fun at the lovely yet often incoherent hockey mom.

If you agree with this cartoon, feel free to download, upload, email, print, post, embed, share, print or whatever you want with this cartoon. It drives me crazy that all I can do is post it on the web and not publish it in some newspaper or have it be distributed by some syndicate. Whatchya gonna do?

I can almost guarantee that- even though I'm no longer published in the Mapleton PRESS- it will receive some angry feedback from friends here in the Western Iowa area and from hard core conservative Christians and fellow Concordia Alumni (thanks to my posting it on facebook).

Why they can't see that you don't have to make anything up or lie about her to make her look bad because she does it herself, I guess I'll never know.

But seriously, do me a favor and send this around or hang it up. If not for the hope of increasing my visibility and therefore marketability, if only to propagate awareness about the idiocy of her nonsensical career! Thank you!

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