Monday, July 13, 2009

So loveable and adorable

*Let me clarify- I am not equating and never DIRECTLY compared Congressman Steve King or former President Gorge W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. The point of this series is to highlight our tendency not to scrutinize some public figures if we somehow identify with them or find them charismatic. It could be a teacher, a leader, a therapist, a celebrity, athlete, clergy or political leader- it doesn't have to be Bush or King, we're often taken in and should always maintain a healthy level of cynicism. Now, I'll admit that I do think that some of King's statements lean toward racist and his politics lean toward corporatism (if not fascism) and Bush's grandfather was a financial supporter of the NAZIs running up to WWII, but seriously, I have not yet and am not now comparing either of them to the great scourge of the 20th century. But if I were (and I'm not) hyperbole is the birthright of satire, so as egregious as such comparisons might be, I think I'd still be within my rights as a smart assed trouble-maker.

No, no, forget that's not true. Egregious is egregious. No one is as evil as Hitler was and no one deserves to be demonized that much. People must be REALLY paranoid to compare Obama to Hitler and it's just as unfair, irresponsible and outrageous to compare Bush to Hitler too. So again, I promise that I'm NOT trying to compare anyone to anyone. Just trying to be funny and make people think by using irony. Cheap, overly simple, unfairly easy irony, but irony none the less.

On a lighter note, the momentum has taken over so that these are just starting to be funny now rather than a therapeutic means to work through personal angst. I think this one is particularly silly. Of course it's not true, although Disney's fifth major animated feature Bambi did come out in 1942 and it was based on a book by an Austrian author.

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