Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who'd you rather have a beer with?

*This one was inspired by an article in USA Today back in 2004. Satirists shouldn't patronize their readers by spelling things out for them, but if you haven't caught on yet, the point of this series is that sometimes we're really taken in by how populist politicians try to be.

For example- I may see my Congressman (Steve King) as an egocentric, xenophobic, bigoted demagogue (based on his public statements, voting record and behavior) but plenty of good people just see him as "good people," partly because he's warm and friendly and partly because he's as "pro-life" as he can be to get having to kill a doctor at his church somewhere in Kansas.

Mind you, I'm not pro-abortion either, but some people don't think you should speak out about corruption, hypocrisy, economics, health care, civil rights, the environment, violations of the Constitution, or unjust wars unless you are as absolutely over the top zealous about eliminating all abortion as they are. But that's a different ax for me to try to grind another time in a different cartoon, collage, or image. Just had to get it out of my system.

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